There are many reasons that your church logo is important. The obvious one is that it helps people identify your church and make a distinction from other churches.

It’s commonly understood that your logo is essential, but many people don’t know how to come up with a successful logo.

In this article, I will give you four goals and some advice that will help you in creating a logo that’s beneficial for your church’s success.

Your Logo Should Tell Your Mission

The logo that you choose for your church should reflect everything your church stands for. It should symbolize the church’s mission statement. It’s also a good idea to consider your church’s history and integrate that into the logo.

Your Logo Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing

The logo that you choose shouldn’t be one that is distracting from the message that you’re trying to send to people. The design should be engaging so that it causes people to look at it more than once, but not so distracting that the point of the logo is lost in the design.

Everything that you choose when it comes to your design–from the letter font to the orientation of the elements to the colors of the logo–matters. The personality of the design should match the personality of your church.

Your Logo Should Use the Power of Associations Clearly

When I say use the power of word association, it means using colors or symbols that, when people see it, they know what the meaning is. Show your initial designs to others and see if the elements you choose are recognizable. If they aren’t able to quickly and easily discern what that element is or what it represents, it may time to go back to the drawing board.

When you use a particular symbol or color, people should know what it means. Clarity is so important to people looking for a church.

Your Logo Design Should Be Preceded By Research

Before you come up with the logo that best fits your church, you should do some research. Doing research not only lets you see what logos have already been used; it also helps to spark some ideas of what you want to include in your logo.

Browse through other logos before creating yours. You may see designs that you love, and others that you hate. You may like the color scheme that a particular logo uses, but the font–not so much.

The purpose of researching other logos is to spark some creativity and begin the process of building that church logo in your mind. Take notes and plan your logo according to your research.

The logo may also jumpstart ideas for a website.

Have You Created Your Church Logo?

Implement these goals into your logo creation process. Doing this beforehand will ensure that you come up with the best possible logo.

If you’re looking for a business that will help you with your logo design needs, check out our church logo design services. We would love to help!


Tirsdag, Juli 28, 2020

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