4 Important Goals For Creating a Successful Church Logo

  There are many reasons that your church logo is important. The obvious one is that it helps people identify your church and make a distinction from other churches. It’s commonly understood that your logo is essential, but many people don’t know how to come up with a successful logo. In this article, I will give you four goals and some ... Read More »

28th Jul 2020
5 reasons why websites for churches are a must-have in the modern age.

  Have you ever wondered how you can attract more guests to your church when there are dozens in your community? Standing apart from the crowd can seem challenging, but luckily the digital world gives everyone a platform to attract a larger audience. If your church doesn’t have an official website yet, then you’re missing out. Keep ... Read More »

1st Jun 2020
3 Things To Consider When Choosing A New Domain Name

  Your domain name is more than just a home for your website. Choosing the right one is important when it comes to standing out in your community.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing your domain name.  A Domain Name Adds Credibility Having a custom domain adds credibility to your ministry. When publishing your site through a ... Read More »

1st May 2020