Have you ever wondered how you can attract more guests to your church when there are dozens in your community?

Standing apart from the crowd can seem challenging, but luckily the digital world gives everyone a platform to attract a larger audience. If your church doesn’t have an official website yet, then you’re missing out.

Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why websites for churches are a must-have in the modern age.

1. Your Church Will Get More Exposure

Did you know that 97% of people use Google to research local organizations before they check them out in person? If you create a church website that takes advantage of local SEO opportunities, your church will appear at the top of everyone’s searches in your community. Once people explore your site and see how wonderful your church is, they’ll be motivated to visit you in person.

2. Getting Online Can Keep Your Members Engaged

The best church websites post new content every week to keep its members engaged. Whether it’s sharing an informative blog post, updating volunteer opportunities available in your community, or posting a video or audio clips of past sermons, being active online will help your congregation be active in the community as well.

3. Building a Website Will Help You With Online Giving

Since almost half of churchgoers prefer to give online, you can make it easily accessible and may pick up a few more dollars along the way. Engage My Church can get it set up for you and integrate whatever platform you prefer to use.

4. Websites for Churches Are Cost-Effective Marketing

In the past, churches had to rely on bulletin boards, flyers, newsletters, booklets, and more to raise awareness about their services and local events (which still can be effective). But, building a stellar website is more affordable, convenient, and effective at gathering attention.

5. Websites Are Accessible 24/7

When people have all of the information they need about your church available at their fingertips, they’re more likely to make use of it. Instead of trying to schedule an appointment that’s within church office hours or sort through a large bulletin board of information, people can find exactly what they need in a few clicks. This means that more people will show up to services, bible studies, community events, and more.

Are You Ready to Build a Church Website?

Creating websites for churches comes with a wide range of benefits. Spreading the love of Christ has become easier with the help of websites.

Are you ready to create a great church website that catches everyone’s attention in your community? If so, Engage My Church would love to help. Check out our starter plan so you can get in contact with one of our expert web designers.


Monday, June 1, 2020

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